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Exercise Ball (55 CM) for Stability & Yoga - Workout Guide Incuded - Professional Quality (Black)

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  • Endorsed by certified fitness trainers with more than 15-years experience in the workout industry, the Dumbbell Workout Exercise Poster Volume 2 is designed to be used by both women and men. Working out with the poster helps individuals identify areas of muscle weakness anywhere in the body and safely strengthen those over time. NewMe Fitness intends this poster to be used as a "next level" companion workout to the original poster or may even be used by those who purchased the company's dumbbell workout cards.

    In addition to building muscle, strength and addressing problem areas, one of the reasons why NewMe Fitness' dumbbell poster and dumbbell cards have become so popular is because no additional workout equipment is needed. This product is also ideal for multiple users as it can be used by individuals at varying fitness levels and any size dumbbells can be used. Home gym enthusiasts will also appreciate that the laminated Dumbbell Workout Exercise Poster Volume 2 does not require the use of electronic devices and can be hung on any suitable wall or door.

  • The Dumbbell Workout Exercise Poster Volume 2 features 40 challenging exercises designed to offer people a total workout experience. It is perfect for those who desire more variety in their workout and who want to add some lesser-known, yet highly effective exercises to their regimen. Targeting each part of the body, the poster is divided into different sections allowing users to choose which muscle groups they wish to target during a particular workout session. Their finely-illustrated visual aids have helped NewMe Fitness gain a reputation for quality home gym posters and this latest dumbbell poster continues in that vein as it clearly depicts the correct positions for starting and finishing each dumbbell exercise.

    While all of NewMe Fitness' exercise posters are a staple favorite among home gym enthusiasts, they are frequently purchased for group use, too. The Dumbbell Workout Exercise Poster Volume 2, as with all of the company's other posters, is perfect for hotel gyms, condo and apartment shared workout spaces, as well as school gyms.

  • For more information about the Dumbbell Workout Exercise Poster Volumes I or II, the Resistance Band Exercise Poster, the Bodyweight Exercise Poster, the Stretching Poster or any of the other highly-rated fitness products offered by NewMe Fitness, visit .

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