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  • Wii Fit uses graphs and charts to keep track of daily activity, lets users input data from non-Wii Fit exercise, and players can set goals for reducing their weight and BMI. Up to eight players can create and keep a personal profile in the game, letting family members check one another's progress and form friendly competitions.

    Many of the Wii Fit exercises won't meet all of those guidelines for all people. There, I said it! But before you get upset, remember what I said above: It depends on how hard YOU work, and yes, all physical activity is beneficial, even if it doesn't fit the standard definition of exercise. I'm going to continue to review new Wii Fit games as well, because I think they're all a little different in terms of intensity and variety. Some offer more true exercise options than others, and I'm on a mission to find the best Wii Fit workout there is!

  • The Master Exercise Kit includes five components: a resistance band, calorie counter adapter, yoga mat, water bottle, and step cups for the balance board. Made of strong yet flexible hollow rubber, the Xertube Resistance Band augments the strength of bicep curls, shoulder presses, and other Wii Fit exercises, particularly those in EA Active™. The Calorie Counter Adapter for the Wii Fit™ remote is compatible with Wii Motion Plus™. It counts calories as they are burned, measures the frequency and speed of swings in miles or kilometers per hour, and displays the data on a small LED screen. Made of a soft, non-slip plastic, the Yoga Mat provides firm support for the Wii Fit™ Balance Board. The Water Bottle features a screw top and eco-friendly recyclable material and is portable, so it can be used while exercising on the Wii Fit™ or outdoors. Finally, the Balance Board Step Cups, which are lined with rubber to prevent slipping, elevate the Balance Board to four inches, a typical height for step aerobics.

    Game type: Exercise.
    Platform: Wii.
    Overview: Wii Fit makes exercise fun.
    Hits: It's time to pay attention, all you couch potatoes out there: Wii Fit can be your new best friend because it's a great motivational tool. Users will feel like they're playing when they're actually doing the "e" word -- exercising. Wii Fit allows users to set weight-loss goals, and the device keeps a chart of the user's daily habits and fit credits.
    Activity is concentrated on a balance board, which incorporates a traditional weight scale with a BMI scale. This board also is designed to measure body balance and stability as well as translate movements to the TV screen, allowing your alterego "Mii" to reflect your actions. The Wii remote is also used to play, er, exercise.
    As the user improves, he unlocks difficulty levels and new exercises in one of four categories -- yoga, strength training, aerobics and balance. The exercises start slow and easy, which makes them perfect for someone who has shied away from activity, but they become quite challenging as the difficulty levels increase.
    Misses: In truth, the Wii will likely do little to help fitness enthusiasts, but those people have gyms they can go to. CP's don't like that sort of thing. Too, the virtual trainer's voice can be annoying and repetitive (but that's probably true for a human trainer as well).
    : Everyone.
    Recommendation: If you haven't worked out in a while, the Wii Fit is a great investment. Even if you don't already have the Wii console, it's still cheaper than joining a gym.
    Grade: A

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