Whole Body Vibration Exercise !!!

Whole Body vibration Exercise Therapy.

Whole Body Vibration. Professional vibration training with 250 Exercises.: Optimal training results for healing back pain, skin tightening, cellulite treatment, body shaping...

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  • K-1 Vibration For Health:
    Increase bone density with whole body vibration exercise as it was originally designed to do by one of the world’s leading space programs. There have been worldwide scientific studies of whole body vibration systems that indicate high success rates in treating osteoporosis. The potential for an increase in bone mineral density while using the K-1 Platinum is a viable solution to prevent further bone loss and to help combat osteoporosis.

    With whole body vibration, hundreds of muscle contractions per minute create an invigorating workout designed to increase lean muscle mass and firm muscles to create an overall effect of a more toned, firm, and healthy body. Using the K-1 Whole Body Vibration Exercise to tone muscles and increase lymphatic drainage may help fight off cellulite while the improved circulation induced during vibration therapy may be able to tighten the skin.
    The imbalance caused by the gentle rocking vibration of the TOS is designed to increase flexibility, range of motion, balance, and mobility.

  • K-1 Vibration For Therapy:
    Neuromuscular reeducation is possible in applicable situations, such as with MS, CP, or after a stroke. Seeking advice from a physician familiar with whole body vibration exercise therapy is recommended.

    The K-1 Platinum enables users to experience a relatively simple and convenient method of exercise. Maximum benefits are achieved with just 10 minutes of use per day. The K-1 Whole Body Vibration Exercise Machine is designed for Fitness, Health, and Therapy.

  • Maximum results are achieved with just 10 minutes of vibration exercise at least three times per week. Using the K-1 Whole Body Vibration Exercise Machine for 10 minutes is considered to be equivalent to 60 minutes of resistance training, or working out at the gym. Over 80 different exercises can be produced by making minor adjustments to body positioning making the K-1 one of the easiest and most convenient ways to get in shape and maintain good health. The K-1 Vibration system is available at Holistic Care Approach in Grand Rapids, Michigan. to view pricing.

Whole Body Vibration Exercise: Training and Benefits

A remote control is included with the K-1 Platinum for ease of use personally or with trainer assistance.
There are three auto settings for beginning, intermediate and advanced users along with ten manual settings for more specific intensity adjustment.
Hand straps are included for additional upper body workout options.
The K-1 Whole Body Vibration Exercise Machine is commercially rated and can be used for extended periods of time in clinical or health club type settings.