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Pivotal whole body vibration exercises enhance muscular performance and are safe. Learn any contraindications of this equipment from the HyperVibe site.

Merax Whole Body Vibration Platform Exercise Fitness Machine w/ Straps and Romote Control

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  • To date, there are no indications that Whole Body Vibration Exercise performed on a high quality Pivotal platform does or does not present a risk of harm to pregnant women however as a precaution, Hypervibe does not recommend that their machines be used during pregnancy.

    In this way and in a manner similar to other forms of exercise, Whole Body Vibration Exercise is a means to mobilise the body1, warm the muscles and joints internally2 and stimulate mechanisms that encourage the development of strength and endurance3 without overcoming those mechanisms with unrelenting fatigue or excessive levels of force.4

  • Whole Body Vibration Whole Body Vibration Exercise on a high quality vibration exercise machine is safe and is different to Occupational Whole Body Vibration from driving trucks, buses and using power tools. It is recommended to seek professional advice if you have any concerns about engaging in any kind of exercise.

    How Whole Body Vibration Exercises Can Help Improve Fitness in the Elderly. Tony Swain and Dr. Mercola Demonstrate Power Plate Balance Application

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