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Sports Hoop® - Trim Hoop® 3B - 3.1lb (Dia.41") Large, Weighted Hula Hoop for Workout with 50 minutes Workout Lesson DVD

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  • We are happy to build your weighted exercise hula hoop in any custom size you like. If you aren’t sure what size to get, read our helpful article:

    While all of our hoops are a great choice for exercise, we now offer these weighted exercise hula hoops due to an overwhelming amount of special requests! We craft these hoops with our 3/4″ 160psi PE beginner hoop tubing, but we use a wider 1″ cloth grip tape than our standard hoops for added weight. These hoops weigh approximately 1.5 pounds, but their weight varies depending upon the diameter you choose.

  • If you are on the hunt for the perfect hoop to lose weight hula hooping, Ruby Hooping has you covered. These weighted exercise hula hoops are optimally designed for burning calories and toning your whole body!

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