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Weighted Exercise Body Bars are perfect for adding resistance to squats, lunges, presses, and other body weight exercises.

CAP Barbell Weighted Workout Bar, Black, 20 lb.

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  • The Body Bar's versatility is summed up in its marketing slogan – "One Bar, Infinite Workouts."The versatility of the weighted exercise bar allows it to be utilized in a wide variety of workouts, including aerobics classes, strength and conditioning, circuit and interval classes, martial arts and kick boxing, balance and alignment, Pilates, yoga, and flexibility training.

    The VersaBar aerobic bar is made from solid steel construction with a superior rubberized coating for not only long-lasting durability, but also offering greater comfort and a better grip. This weighted exercise bar is available in 9 different weights, ranging from 4 lb to 36 lb, VersaBar exercise bars are the ideal addition to any assortment of fitness center equipment.

  • There are many similar products on the market, but it is our belief that the ORIGINAL Body Bar® is the finest ‘weighted exercise bar’ on the market. And, in addition to supplying products of the highest quality, we support those products with top-notch education in the form of DVD’s, manuals, master classes, and ongoing trainings.

    A body bar is a classic fitness tool; a simple, one-piece solid steel, weighted fitness bar encased in rubber for a secure and comfortable grip. User friendly, cost effective and versatile, this ‘weighted exercise bar’ can be used not only in group exercise and the fitness center, but also for personal training, physical therapy, and home workouts.

    The Troy Bar features a solid steel for evenly distributed weight, 4'- 6' long, weighted bars and is covered in soft black foam for long lasting durability and added comfort that's easy to grip.. Each bar exhibits a unique, color-coded rubber numbered end cap in addition to a colored label sleeve. The color coded end caps make it easy to find the weight you are looking for. Available in weights of 4, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 22, and 27 lb bars. Ideal for performing various exercises including sit-ups, squats, lunges and upper body exercises. Available individually in 8 sizes Or the Entire Set!

    Weighted Exercise Bars are used in multiple ways to tone, strengthen, and condition your body. A Great Addition To Any Workout!

  • FIG. 4 is a partial cut-away view illustrating a moment resisting joint and quick-release connection for two sections of a weighted exercise bar constructed according to the present invention.

Gymstick Weighted Aerobic Exercise Bar 4kg - Ready Set Go Fitness

The above objectives are accomplished according to the present invention by providing an elongated weighted exercise bar which includes a pair of sections joined together at a moment resisting joint approximately midway of the bar by means of a quick-release connection such that the bar may be broken down easily. A weighted extension is carried on the end of each section which has the same general cross-sectional shape as the section. Uniform weighted extensions of the bar element are thus provided which minimizes problems in the peripheral clearance of the bar. The elongated bar is of sufficient length to permit the weighted extensions to extend past the hands of the exerciser when gripping the bar in an exercise position with the arms spread apart and the bar supported on the shoulders for twist exercising.