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  • The best weight loss exercises are ones that we enjoy doing and can implement for life. If you don't like running, then it's not the best option for you. Always remember to think long-term. The efforts we make to release unhealthy physical weight are efforts we need to continue for life at some level, in order to sustain our results. We want to make exercise a part of our healthy lifestyle, so take the opportunity to identify the types of exercise you enjoy most while working towards your weight loss goals.

    Not really. But if you love it and can’t think of a day without it, then yes. Otherwise, not necessarily. The best weight loss exercise is one that you will stick with no matter what. If you love swimming as much as Michael Phelps, swim! If you prefer Lance Armstrong’s exercise of choice, then grab a bike. If none of those tickle your fancy, you can pick up our favorite exercise: walking. It’s free and you can do it anywhere at any time. Find what you love and stick with it and soon those LBs will melt away. But the best is resistance
    exercise or weight lifting. A pound of muscle uses 75 to 150 cals a day whether you consciously use it or not—so building muscle is key to losing weight from exercise.

  • There is no magic cardio weight loss exercise out there. The “best” one is the exercise you’ll do consistently over time. Often that involves changing things up regularly to keep you from getting bored and stop your body from getting to used to something (hitting that plateau). To lose weight, we must burn more calories than we consume. This means incorporating a sensible, reduced calorie diet and increasing our physical activity. Whatever you choose for increasing your physical activity, being running or otherwise, be sure it’s something you enjoy and will do regularly!

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  • or obesity is a serious problem and there are various methods to reduce weight, but according to expert exercise is a best solution. Now question arise that what type of exercise is needed and where should it be done, answer is simple that you need simple exercise at home for reduction of weight or weight loss. Here, we have few simple exercises for weight loss which requires no exercise equipment. Walking is simple weight loss exercise and it reduces your legs extra weight, after this, you can enjoy with light jumping and can warm up your body.

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Smart weight loss exercise programs like P90X will also include a Fit Test, so that non-athletes can be certain they're right for the program. If you're looking how to lose weight, and not to get ripped with giant muscles, then the Fit Test will certainly let you know. In the P90X weight loss DVDs package, the Fit Test gauges your level of fitness through a series of physical exercises. This ensures it's the best weight loss program for your needs.