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Ask the Personal Trainer: Weight Gain from Exercise? Is it possible to gain weight after exercising? Article By: William R. Sukala, MS, CS.

Gain Weight & Build Muscle: Workout Guide for the Skinny Guy

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  • Exercise To Gain WeightWeight Lifting-
    One of the ways to increase you weight is weight lifting. Exercises to gain weight includes maximizing your weight lifting work out to increase muscle mass. To gain weight, you must try out exercises like squats, bench press, chin ups and bent over rows. These exercises help in focusing ways to build your muscles. You should also focus on ways to increase your body strength. If your strength increases then size of your body will also increase. You can seek professional help to gain weight if you are not sure of the methods.
    Heavy Weights Are More Efficient In Weight Gain– If you want to increase your weight fast then, you have to get trained with heavy weights. Heavy free weights help in increasing your muscle mass and help you become fit than lean. Heavy weights can get challenging so be careful when trying this weight lifting techniques. Do not push yourself too much as it can injure your muscles. Heavy weights help in stimulating your muscle fibres and enables more muscle growth.
    Weight Gain Through Push Up Exercises– Exercise to gain weigh includes focusing on larger muscles and enables its growth. Push ups are great for the upper body. Exercises like lunges and squats work best to increase wight. Heel raise is very effective while standing to build your calve muscles. Abs can be shaped by crunches and pull ups are best for your arms. These methods can be adopted for weight gain backed with a healthy diet.
    Anaerobic Exercises- To ensure healthy weight gain anaerobic exercises are best for your body. In aerobics, you walk, run, jog and cycle to lose weight, but anaerobic is just the opposite of it. Anaerobic means ‘without oxygen’. In this form of exercise, you focus on short and fast weight lifting techniques. It is very effective, for your healthy weight gain regime.
    Multi Joint Exercises- When you are training to weight gain you must focus on the working of larger muscles groups called as multi joints. Compound exercises like dead lifts, pull ups, bench press, over head press and squats must be adopted in your weight gaining regime. These multi joint exercises offer the best results without much hassle.
    These exercises can be included in your weight gain regime. These are some healthy weight gain techniques and make sure you do it under supervision. A professional trainer can teach you the pros and cons of these weight gain techniques.

    Thin and lean people are always eager to try out new techniques, diets and exercises; in the hope of gaining a few pounds. People, who manage to combine a good diet with appropriate exercise, end up looking healthy and amazing. Simply binging on food, in the desire of that perfect body, actually leads nowhere. However, when a person exercises appropriately, then the food consumed gets utilized and converted into muscle mass which helps in building a good and healthy body. People with a desire to put on weight are required to exercise sensibly, as it is one of the most important aspects of gaining weight. The top ten weight gain exercises for women are listed below:

  • These exercises are wonderful for gaining muscle mass in the upper body and help a thin body gain a good physique. These weight gain exercises have to be done repeatedly in sets and can be done at home as well.

    my brothers i hope you are fine.
    i am rashid.
    hight = 6'
    weight = 70 kg
    face = thin and slim.
    dear brothers actually i am afraid.
    if i start weight gain exercise then my face go more thin many person say to me you do not do exercise.
    bodybuilding /exercise make your face more thin. its big problem for me.

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