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Redmon Fun and Fitness Exercise Equipment for Kids - Weight Bench Set

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  • Novices should stick with machines until they are comfortable with lifting practices and learn how to work with free weights safely and effectively. More experienced lifters use both machines and free weights and often use racks to complement their training — especially when self-spotting workouts require it. Ideally, if you plan to use a mix of both machines and free weights exercise equipment such as a set of dumbbells in your home gym, you’ll be on your way to a stronger, fitter body in no time.

    Free weights exercise equipment includes free-standing cages such a and . Other machine systems have moving parts, such as , where the bar loaded with plates runs vertically on a carriage. Still other equipment includes , lat pull downs, home gym systems, and dozens of stand-alone specialized strength training machines. These systems are capable of providing a number of exercises for a full body workout.

  • Item No: SM12
    Machine Name: Squat Machine
    Size: 1160 x 1030 x 1700mm
    Weight: 178KG

    1) Free weight exercise equipment/fitness equipment/gym equipment
    2) Professional design from Technogym brand
    3) High quality steel tube Q235 with 60 x 120 x 3mm
    4) Pretty TIG welding
    5) Super quality PU leather
    6) Excellent electrostatic powder coating with good adhesive force
    7) Make body cooperate with machine very well

    1) 10 years for structural steel frame
    2) 5 years for electrostatic powder coating
    3) 3 years for rotary bearings and structural parts
    4) 2 years for bearings, springs
    5) 1 year for upholstery, handgrips, all other items not listed.

    That being said, there is now free weights exercise equipment such as free motion and available that mimics some of the attributes of free weights. Many of these systems come with charts and instructional DVDs to help the novice learn the skills and variety of exercises possible on these machines.

  • Essentially, weight machines try to emulate many of the advantages that users enjoy when lifting free weights. There are pros and cons to each type of free weights exercise equipment. For example: weight machines are safer when lifting heavy weights and you don’t need a spotter. Machines are also easier for novices to use especially if you are unfamiliar with the variety of presses, curls, flyes, rows, crossovers, and extensions (all of these home gym exercises are possible to do with free weights and resistance bands as well).

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A discussion about free weights exercise equipment can get a little confusing since it covers such a wide range of equipment. Free weight home gyms can refer to a room that contains traditional dumbbells and barbells; or it may include machines that can mimic the range of body training movements that were only possible with free weights.