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Watercolor Exercise - Triad Color Structure

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  • Last week I did a watercolor exercise from Watercolor Artist magazine where I painted with triad colors. Painting with triads means that you only use the three primary colors from the color wheel: red, yellow and blue. Ideally the three colors should be spaced an equal distance apart on the color wheel. Some of the combinations they suggested were:
    1. Aureolin, Rose madder, Cobalt blue
    2. Phthalo blue, Hansa yellow, Alizarin crimson
    3. Aureolin, Permanent rose, Ultramarine blue

    Yesterday the grandsons and I worked on our second watercolor painting exercise. We did the same type of activity as the day before EXCEPT we developed a plan after we painted our colorful underpaintings. I had them use my engineering templates to develop a drawing using geometric shapes. Then they had to number each shape based on the layer they we in. (You can see Ian’s drawing in the photo.) We did negative painting to pull out each layer of objects. We were actually pretty rushed for time since they had to go home yesterday so they learned all about using a hairdryer to dry your watercolors faster and the painting was a little sloppy. I was really happy with what they did! I like the “Cherry” look of Ian’s painting and the abstract expressionist quality of Jakobs. Great day! Fun exercise!

  • Start with watercolor drawing exercises that allow you to get comfortable holding each brush. Make stroke after stroke with all your different brushes to see the results. You want to better understand how to diversify your brushstrokes in watercolor painting and so your strokes end up the way you want.

Watercolor Exercise with Triads | Jasmine Ray