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Trademark Innovations Water Aerobics Aquatic Exercise Dumbbells (Blue, .66 lbs, 11 x 6-Inch, Set of 2)

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  • When evaluating freestanding underwaterexercise equipment, several considerations are important to insure thatthe equipment will be useful and appropriate for its intended purpose.

    The majority of workouts these days include a conventional gym, traditional exercise equipment, and normal apparel. It's not every day one would come across equipment that would revolutionize your daily routine. Aqua Jogger Water Exercise Equipment puts you in the pool like you've not never used it before. The Aqua Jogger System incorporates low-impact workouts while using the pool either at home or at the community gym. Simply put on the Aqua Jogger belt and feet pads to be suspended in water at waste level. Following the manual and easy to understand workout guide, emmerse yourself in several dozen different exercises, blasting your muscles with the safe resistance its been looking for.

  • With more water-training devices than ever, learn how to wade through the myriad of choices in water exercise equipment and make the right choice.

    If you are joining a water aerobics class, the equipment is most likely supplied for you. Nonetheless, it is sometimes nice to have your own equipment, either for comfort and sanitation purposes, or if equipment availability is limited in your class. Over time, foam-based equipment, such as water noodles, can break down. If your aerobics class is not able to replace equipment on a regular basis, it can make the exercise more difficult or less efficient, resulting in less fun in the water! If you have a home swimming pool, having your own water exercise equipment will enable you to get a good workout without the need to travel to a community center or gym.

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    If you are looking for water exercise equipment, see our selection at American Fitness. Not sure how to choose? Give our toll free number a call anytime, 24 hours a day. We are happy to help you find the right equipment for your individual health and fitness goals.

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All water exercise equipment is designed to help you achieve a better workout while in the pool. But, there are a few different types of equipment to consider when you're looking for specific results: buoyancy, weight, and drag.