Water Walker Exercise Belt Features

FIG. 4 illustrates a side elevation view of the deep water exercise belt of FIG, 1 in buckled form.

Speedo Aqua Jog Water Aerobic Swim Training Belt, Charcoal/Red, Large/X-Large

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  • The benefits of using Water Exercise Belts include stability during the water exercise routines, and a reduction of weight on the joints. Deep water exercise with the legs suspended allows a variety of exercises without strain on the back and legs.

    The AquaJogger Classic Flotation Belt was the very first water exercise flotation belt, and the most popular and universal product in the AquaJogger product line. The belt suspends the body in deep water, allowing for total body conditioning with no swim skill required. Remember, this is not a life preserver, and should never be used as a safety vest or life preserver. Total body conditioning is the name of the game for the AquaJogger Classic.

  • Unlike other jogging belts that slide, pinch or tug, the Speedo Hydro Resistant Jog Belt was designed to stay put during even the most rigorous water-based workout. The belt features anti-slip silicone padding in key positions. The silicone printing helps the water exercise belt comfortably and securely stay in place, no matter if positioned against skin or swimsuit. The Speedo Jog Belt is covered in a 3D mesh, which allows the belt to drain and dry quickly and properly.

    The Aqua Jogger comfortably suspends you at shoulder level in deep water allowing you to breathe normally and move freely while performing a wide variety of water exercise. Aqua Jogger water exercise belts have taken pain and impact out of exercise since 1987. Whether you are looking to improve fitness, lose weight, excel at your sport, rehabilitate from injury, ease limitations of arthritis and other medical conditions or just have fun, water exercise with Aqua Jogger is a great solution.

  • The Water Exercise Belt from Aqua Leisure is a great way to to get in shape and to start you aquatic fitness plan. The belt is engineered in a way that will keep you upright and vertical while in the pool. You will have the balance to be able to perform all of the excercises the included guide has to offer. The belt is durable and flexible enough for the hardest of workouts. It is comfortable enough for a light workout or for physical thereapy. The Water Excercise Belt from Aqua Leisure is a versatile, comfortable and best of all leads to great fitness results.

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In order to participate in deep water exercise, particularly a running or jogging motion which is excellent in conditioning the cardiovascular system while avoiding the pounding and weight bearing forces on legs created in land training, it is preferable to have an exercise belt 12 which provides sufficient buoyancy to keep the user in an upright position while exercising. In order to achieve an upright position while running, one must overcome two natural tendencies: first, a greater natural flotation of the front 24 of the person 10 due to the location of less dense body structure at that area, and second, the motion of the legs 26 during running, being substantially to the front 24 of the person 10, results in a backwards rotation of the person 10. Both of these tendencies are overcome in the deep water exercise belt 12 by providing greater flotation at the back 28 of the user. As seen in FIGS. 2 and 4, the width 30 of the exercise belt 12 has been increased across the back 32 of the belt 12 to provide such additional flotation. This is accomplished primarily by a widened portion 34 extending symmetrically upwards. To a lesser extent, the width of the belt 12 also is extended downward as illustrated at 36. However, it is important for effective running, and avoidance of frictional irritations, that the exercise belt be shaped to not interfere with hip 38 motion while exercising.