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Strengthen your core muscles with water aerobics ab exercises in this free exercise video.

Water Aerobics - How To Lose Weight And Tone Your Body In The Water

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  • Water aerobics exercises are a very effective tool against fat and cellulite of the belly. The reason is that with minimal effort, allowing simultaneously burn fat and fight the orange peel that is deposited in your abdomen. Learn how to remove fat and cellulite on the stomach with aerobics and flaunt the flat belly you’ve always wanted.

    Exercising may not be at the top of your to-do list because of achy joints, arthritis and other health problems that develop with age. However, water aerobic exercises offer a great alternative to traditional exercise at a gym. Perform the above exercises at least three times a week to experience greater flexibility, bone density, and cardiovascular function–plus relief from joint and arthritis pain!

  • Water aerobics exercises for seniors cause less joint impact than land-based exercises such as running. Water's natural buoyancy, resistance, cooling effect and decreased joint impact make it an ideal exercise medium for seniors. Health ailments such as diabetes, arthritis, menopause, cardiovascular problems, back problems and osteoporosis can benefit from water aerobics, notes the Aquatic Exercise Association.

    Water aerobic exercises provide you with an enjoyable and relaxing way to not only get a full-body workout but also to develop aerobic strength and fitness. Since water aerobic has less impact on your joints as compared to traditional on-the-ground exercises, it helps relieve joint soreness, and is particularly good for those suffering from arthritis and other joint related health issues. It also helps you lose weight and improve circulation like any other traditional exercise. Here are a few water aerobic exercises that you can include in your daily workout regimen to lose weight quickly.

  • The disadvantages of aqua aerobics are that it can be only a seasonal activity if there’s no access to a heated, indoor pool in the autumn and winter. Many classes require access to swimming pool facilities and can require membership fees. People with health issues should consult a doctor before beginning water aerobics exercise.

impact on your joints by 90% while performing water aerobic exercises

Water aerobics exercise routines are a cool and fun way of working out during the hot weather. For these exercise, you exercise and tone your body in the water. To practice water aerobic exercises, you don’t necessarily have to be a swimmer. Many exercises can be done in water; some are carried out in different levels of the water like waist level and not so deep waters, while other water aerobic exercises for example jogging is done in deep water where the body is wholly immersed in the water. To carry out water aerobic exercises in deep water, flotation devices are used.