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Vocabulary Power plus for the New Sat: Vocabulary, Reading, and Writing Exercises for High Scores, Book 4

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  • A set of exercises based on an article from the News website. This article would interest learners with teenage children.
    There is a comprehension exercise and vocabulary exercises on antonyms and synonyms. Learners are also invited to write their views. Useful for those working towards Level 2 Certificate in Adult Literacy.

    A set of comprehension questions, together with vocabulary exercises, anagrams and a writing prompt.
    Useful for those working towards Level 2 Certificate in Adult Literacy and anyone with an interest in word origins and English linguistics.
    All based on an article from the News website
    See below for links to other Level 2 exercises.

  • The TeMa corpus is divided in subcorpora corresponding to its various components: a first subdivision is based on the textbook series, the levels, the student’s book and the workbook; a second subdivision then classifies the types of pedagogical material (texts, tapescripts, vocabulary exercises and guidelines to the exercises). The first stage of the annotation process is to assign an identification number to each section of the corpus. Each textbook series is first given a code number. New Headway, for instance, has been assigned number 6. The two levels, intermediate and advanced, are then given a two-digit code: 61 for New Headway advanced and 62 for New Headway intermediate. Each level is then further split into student’s book and workbook, which are assigned the additional 1 and 2 digits respectively. Finally each student’s book and each workbook are again broken down into four subcorpora, the texts (1), the tapescripts (2), the vocabulary exercises (3) and the guidelines to these exercises (4). Each course book series is thus divided in 8 subcorpora when all these components are available. Such mark-up makes it possible to link any excerpt to its origin.

    The second stage of the annotation process, namely pedagogical tagging, has been applied to the vocabulary subcorpus. This pedagogical tagging, whose main purpose is to label the pedagogical tasks the learner has to perform, was applied to all the vocabulary exercises on the basis of the learning activities learners have to engage in, and on the pedagogical status of the lexical items focused on. Figures 1 and 2 present one sample of pedagogically annoted exercise from the student’s book of Clockwise Intermediate (Forsyth 2003). Figure 1 is a scan of the actual page of the book, whilst Figure 2 presents its annotated corpus version.

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    Instead of reading this text in class, students read it at home and complete the vocabulary exercise. By moving this kind of exercise into the lab, students can work through the vocabulary and comprehension at their own pace through engaging and interactive activities. The following classroom lesson can then be spent on collaborative activities and discussion related to the text.

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I have just started to teach ESL to students of Agronomy and Environment at the Agriculture University of Tirana, Albania. Thank you for all the information you provided. I am working to develop some vocabulary exercises related to the key words drawn from the text. The text is usually about earth and environment science. I find your website and all the information very useful.