Video Game Exercise Bikes Ride onto the Social Network

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  • Emerging research shows a single session of video game exercise that's done vigorously may offer the same aerobic benefit as other physical activity. At the Miriam's Behavioral and Preventive Medicine Center, researchers are putting that to the test: comparing traditional exercise to exer-gaming.

    EA Sports Active 2 is not your typical video game exercise routine. Equipped with three sensors that connect wirelessly to your console of choice, expect to undergo an exhausting 9-week exercise program. There are numerous exercises in numerous categories - from cardio to upper body. You can create custom workouts out of these exercises to suit your needs. The arm sensor also serves as a heart rate monitor, which - says EA - tracks how well your hate rate recovers following exercises. For those looking for a real workout, you can't go wrong with EA Sports Active 2. EA Sports

  • Bio: Holly Bonds, from Dartmouth, N.S., helped to create an interactive fitness facility for children that combined video games and exercise in 2005. She sold the company in 2009 and currently works for a green electricity company, although she continues to promote active gaming around the world.

    In 2005, I created that combined video games and exercise to get them moving. I saw firsthand over the next few years how video games can help kids be active, and how they can help increase their self-esteem. So, before you are tempted to paint all video games with the same brush, let me tell you why I think that video games can be used for good, not evil.

  • Joseph Donnelly, EdD, an exercise physiologist and a professor of health sport and exercise science at the University of Kansas Center for Physical Activity and , is skeptical about lab studies of calorie burn during video game exercises.

Cyber ExerCycle - Game Controller for Your Exercise Equipment

As cool as it is to see video game exercise bikes sharing through Facebook and Twitter, I have to admit that this is far from a real innovation. First, , and video game experiences over networks for years now. Second, including a social networking aspect into your company's product isn't visionary, it's just plain necessary. IF Holdings has a great exercise bike in Expresso, but letting users challenge each other across the internet seems like a really obvious choice.