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  • Examples of these kinds of vertical jump exercises are ankle jumps, shock jumps, depth jumps, reactive squats, reverse hypertension, sprints and of course, vertical jumps.

    Lastly, we have the so-called reactive strength vertical jump exercises also known as plyometrics strength, reversal strength, reflexive strength or rebound strength. It is demonstrated when you make a countermovement prior to jumping.

  • You may pick one of each of the following vertical jump exercises mentioned in every kind of strength exercise and perform at least five sets of what you have chosen. If you feel like you are lacking of any in limit strength, try to perform 2 exercises to boost it. Make sure that you first improve on your limit strength before proceeding the explosive strength exercises because your explosive strength is dependent on your limit strength as mentioned above. For more vertical jump exercises check out a .

    Explosive strength vertical jump exercises focuses on improving the movement with more speed or height. Box squats, paused jump squat, jump shrug, clean and snatch variations, standing broad jumps, on-box jumps, 1-leg split squat jumps and hurdle jumps are some of the vertical jump exercises that increases your explosive strength.

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    4) Remember that this is a vertical swing exercise and not a jerk, so let your movements as you perform this exercise be fluid-like in that graceful way. And after you are through with the workout, gently lower the dumbbell to avoid hurting yourself.

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The chin up / pull up exercise is by far one of my most favourite exercise to perform as well as prescribe to the non injured client because it requires them to conquer moving their own body weight against gravity. Add horizontal pulling exercises to ones program ensures that you are hitting all the primary back muscles. What I commonly see in practice though is an imbalance on push to pull movements or a total lack of pulling exercises. Rather than going off on a tangent, the aim of this article was to describe some of the common vertical exercise pulling progressions. When performing pulling movements, be sure to train all grip variations (pronated, supinated, neutral, offset and varied mix hand grips). Don’t forget to also train different grip widths (use of narrow and fat bar) as well as grip strength (bar, towel, rope holds).