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Stamina 15-0125 InStride Folding Cycle

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  • An upper body ergometer is most used to rehabilitate a patient’s upper body. This type of upper body exercise equipment is excellent for rehabilitation of the shoulder, back, and neck to name a few areas. However, this machine is not limited to rehabilitation, it can provide athletes with an intense workout. Take a look at one to see how it might benefit your overall health. Learn more at one of our stores in , , or , Arizona.

    Yukon has a complete line of dedicated single purpose machines, devoted to your upper body. The upper body exercise equipment in this line includes the ab crunch machine, competitor delt machine, competitor lat, angled back machine, preacher curl bench and pec rear delt machine.

  • Choosing the right upper body exercise equipment is easy at Fitness Direct. We carry only the most respectable manufacturers at the lowest prices online. Just browse below and find the right upper body exercise equipment for your home-gym’s specific needs today.

    We at Yukon have designed and manufactured a specific group of upper body exercise equipment that address the physical requirements to build and tone your upper body muscle groups. Our upper body workout machines will help develop and build muscles including the biceps, triceps - which includes two thirds of the upper arm, the lats and the abdominal's.

    State of the art Upper Body Exercise Equipment. We offer quality upper body fitness equipment at affordable prices. For more information on a product click on one of the images below.

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