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  • First upper back exercise is push-ups. You can do regular push-ups but it is suggested to do wall push-ups since it is less demanding than regular push-ups. Push-ups will strengthen the muscle in your back since it will squeeze the shoulder blade and allowing the shoulder to gain its strength.

    You need to stand straight in the front of the wall, open your legs and make sure to have an arm length between the walls and you. Place your palms on the walls and make a straight arm shaped. And then let’s start do push-ups movement slowly, lower your body to the walls until your elbows bend and your face almost touches the walls. Feel the shoulder blade muscle straightening, hold still for 5 seconds and then lift your body up until your arms straight. Repeat this upper back exercise slowly, 10 to 15 times and the gradually add 15 to 20 times per set.

  • Bottom line of the upper back exercise is to maximize the ability of the with tender care and do not over do anything that can cause more pain. If you already had an injury before, it is suggested that you consult with your physical trainee about the proper movement that can strengthen the back and in the same time fixing the pain. The flexibility exercises will combine between the moves of neck, shoulders and arms and of course back side.

    Other upper back exercise is to raise your hands. It can be done in two ways. You can use yoga exercise by sitting straight in a chair, clasp the knees and hold it with your hands then slowly and gently bend your body towards the knee but do not curving your back. Keep your head positions bowing to the chest and then slowly raise one arm backward, hold it for 15 seconds, put it down and do the same with the opposite arms. Continue these arms raises in to 8 times per set.

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    Lower Back Exercise 

    Reverse Fly Lat Pull-down (wide grip) Seated Back Extension
    Horizontal Seated Row Bent Over Row (unilateral) Prone Back Extension
    Bend Elbow Reverse Fly (Machine) Seated Lat Row (Low Row) Back Extension on Roman Chair
    Shoulder Shrugs Lat Pull-over

  • The second way is to lay your stomach in flat mattresses with your arms straight above your head. Keep your body straight and slowly do front arm raises one arm at a time. Keep the arm as high as possible and hold the position for 10 seconds, lower it back and change it with the other arm. Make sure when you do this there are no pain that you feel. Keep the upper back exercise in 8 times per set. You can also combine this exercise with raising the opposite leg to provide the strength for the bottom and back muscles.

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The final best upper back exercise we will go over is the dynamic prone cobra. Like “the chicken (covered next),” the prone cobra requires no equipment.