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Stamina 55-1610 InMotion E1000 Elliptical Trainer

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  • TAG : This image shows the small, under desk elliptical exercise device.
  • Discretion is another good reason to use under desk exercise equipment. It can be a turn off if someone is grunting and groaning on a large piece of exercise equipment near your space. The under desk alternative makes discretion the better part of valor. This equipment is small and discreet so no one will know what you are doing until your face goes bright red.

    Another factor is time. Who has the time or energy to enjoy a vigorous workout? Under desk exercise equipment makes it possible to exercise while at your desk. You could be on your laptop or pc and getting awesome resistance and cardio exercise with all its benefits.

  • This under the desk exerciser gets extremely great reviews, with most of the people who are using this bike pedal exerciser finding that it does allow them to get in some exercise during the work day.

    Now we are entering the spa scene, and why not? Under the desk exercise has never felt this good. Imagine a Shiatsu massage with heated air. Aah! What this can do is improve respiration, circulation and lymph movement plus the endorphin rush of a good foot massage. The will give you a spa break at any time. The only thing that may be missing will be your Pina Colada and a few palm trees. Don’t forget to remove your shoes before using.

  • A great big hello to you. It is really cold right now-–too cold to get out and walk or exercise, in fact it is freezing, unless of course you are in California, Florida or the South. If you are a marshmallow like me, you prefer to stay indoors when the temperature is minus 20. That brings me to my point which is under desk exercise equipment. Is it really possible to do any meaningful exercise unless you are in a gym or outdoors? Yes! There is a lot that can be done “under the table” so to speak. This is literally under the table.

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This means that the average person who wants to keep in shape or lose weight, has to take any opportunity they can find to get some form of exercise, and one way of getting some of that exercise is by using under the desk exercise equipment while you work.