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  • Tunturi exercise bikes are noted for unique design, silent operation, and superior component quality. But all this comes at a hefty price for an upright or recumbent, as the lowest price for the basic models starts at $1,000.

    The unique design, silent operation, and superior component quality make Tunturi exercise bikes a worry-free investment for your fitness needs. The target market is for individuals who take their workouts seriously and don’t mind spending $1,500 on an upright bike. Reviews on the models are favorable as you would expect, so the only question is: is it more bike than you really need?

  • One of the other problems is that Tunturi exercise bikes are very difficult to come by these days. You can't really find them online, and many of the high-end stores like Gym Source don't carry them anymore.

    Tunturi exercise cycles combine technology, durability and ease of use into one powerful bundle that ensures you get a great workout. Featuring several styles designed to meet the needs of cyclists of all ages and fitness levels, these exercise bikes are packed with components to help you track your progress, improve performance and have fun.

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    Tunturi exercise cycles come in several models, each designed to accommodate the varying needs of users. The recumbent bikes prioritize comfort and safety, making this a good option for people who want to bike for long periods of time or have physical limitations. Enhance racing performance by training on a sprinter bike, or get the best of both worlds with an upright bike.

F530 Magnetic Semi-Recumbent - Tunturi Exercise Bike

That's not all. Six of these programmes of the Tunturi exercise bike Bike 600 Black Edition are pulse controlled. The resistance is adapted to your heart rate - it makes the training with the Tunturi exercise bike Bike 600 Black Edition very effective. The hand sensors of the Tunturi exercise bike Bike 600 Black Edition make pulse measuring possible. A chest strap is available as separate accessory. The functionality is completed with a fitness test, a USB-Port, an integrated MP3-Player plus headphones connection (3.5 mm).