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  • Check out these seven treadmill exercises if you're looking for a total-body workout that will make you smile as much as you sweat. Note: Please use the utmost of care while performing these advanced moves!

    You may have to slow down slightly when the incline is raised, but you will be working harder. Alternate your treadmill exercise until you’ve worked for a half-hour plus your cool-down. Every four weeks you can increase the incline by a few percent. With this type of exercise, you don’t lengthen the time you spend working out (unlike the Sprint and Cardio Workouts), but you will be increasing the difficulty.

  • After three or four months of following these treadmill exercise guidelines, you should be experienced enough to begin varying them yourself. Some ways to “mix it up” include:

    Walking is the key to good cardio treadmill workouts. For the first four weeks, you should try for twenty minutes of walking at a pace of about 4-8 mph, depending on your comfort level. Adding ten minutes for the stretching, warm-up and cool-down, you’ll spend a half-hour each time. For the next five weeks of treadmill exercise, add ten minutes to your walking time. Do this until you are spending a total of sixty minutes on the treadmill at a time. To keep it interesting, you can change the incline slightly but adjust your speed accordingly to stay in that target heart rate range.

  • No matter what kind of treadmill exercise you decide to pursue, always do a warm up, cool down and some stretching. In between, you can choose between different types of workouts depending on the results you are looking for. While all of them will yield results in each area, you can certainly target your approach.

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The common benefits of a cardio workout are what treadmill physical exercise routines supply. The center strengthening and cardiovascular fitness improvement are of these common added benefits someone stems from walking on a treadmill that eventually benefits to blood circulation improvement and great heart blood pressure level upkeep.