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    I have heard that it is possible, through trauma release exercises, to overstimulate the root chakra. I have heard people reporting that they feel 'grounded' after doing the trauma release, which is a good sign, and thought to be linked to the root chakra opening. I haven't experienced this myself, yet, although am keen to experience it.

    If one overstimulates the root chakra, however, apparently one may become too materialistic, or overtly sexual. If you are worried about these things or start feeling negative effects linked to overstimulation of the root chakra, it is probably a good idea to stop doing the exercises and to switch to a more wholistic form of exercise, which stimulates all the chakras evently. Yoga, for example, is a good choice of exercise, which can also work the psoas muscle.

    In fact my mum, who is a yoga instructor, said that often her students, when doing a yoga pose which engages the psoas muscle, report emotions coming to surface. There must be some truth to the psoas-muscle being an emotional muscle, then, as suggested by BC in the comments below.

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    I must say that, after today, I have become more curious of the trauma release exercises. How can the psoas muscle 'vibrations' effect other muscles, such as those of the neck, without a clear 'shake' going through the whole body? Does this trauma release have something to do with the nervous system signals? Or is it simply a matter of deep muscular tension? Does it have something to do with cells and the cellular memory?

    I should also note that today I was not concentrating at all, not doing any suggestions or mental concentration of any kind. I was listening to the radio while going through the seven trauma release exercises. So if you can't get tremors the first time, most likely it is not a question of mental focus or needing a specific mental state. It seems that what David Berceli says makes most sense: the body will release in the order that it is ready.

    But being able to relax your muscles most likely plays a huge role too. If you can't relax, you might choose to do a relaxation exercise first using one of the guided visualisation cd's and then trauma release. Or you might exercise first. But don't give up if you don't get tremors the first time because my tremors were very mild before but now they are getting better and better each time. So do the exercises for, say, seven days every day, slowly and carefully and hopefully the tremors will come when your body is ready to release.

    Actually, I have to make one more point: I had this idea in the beginning that this whole thing might be a hoax, because you first work the muscles and then you make them shake. I thought the trauma release exercises were perhaps just a case of tiring muscles which are not so commonly used and then experiencing tremors in certain, hard-on-the-muscle -poses. But I have given up on this idea for the simple reason that as I do more of these exercises, and the muscles get stronger, the tremors increase - they don't get less! In addition, I get tremors in muscles that have nothing to do with the exercises performed. All this makes me think how complex the human body is, and how little we know. Hopefully one day I can understand how trauma gets stored and released but until then, I'm just happy to have found this technique.

    We shall see how the experiment pans out. I hope I will feel grounded and achieve even better tremors and better release.

    Today I again felt like I could breathe a lot better after the trauma release exercises.

    TRE was designed to create intentional tremors and shaking in the body.  This loosens the defense surrounding the muscle patterns holding tension, stress and trauma.  These unconscious patterns are held in tight which causes fatigue and illness.  Once TRE is activated in the body,  a lightness and a sense of unwinding will flow creating a more healthy and stronger body. 

    It is best to have a certified TRE provider guide you through the  TRE  trauma healing exercises in order to gain optimal benefits.  They will help you release tension and trauma from the body without having you verbally tell the "story".   It is a simple process that helps let go of those emotions attached to your "bad" perceptions of an experience in the past.   You don't have to know it in order to release it.  Each TRE trauma release exercise is designed to help you "shake it off".
    There have been numerous benefits reported from the TRE tension trauma releasing exercises.  Below is an extensive list of benefits experienced from TRE therapy. 
    1. Sense of all around well being
    2. More energy and endurance
    3. Sleeping Better
    4. Reduction of anxiety and worry
    5. Reduced symptoms of PTSD
    6. Past injuries being healed
    7. Improved flexibility
    8. Better relationships at home and work
    9. Improvement of chronic illnesses
    10. Improved resiliency
    11. Reduction in chronic pain (back and muscles)
    12. Less anxiety over past traumas

  • Wow. Today's trauma release exercises were a lot stronger than yesterday's. I think it helps that I am not very tired today. I got tremors in all but the second exercise. When I was lying on the floor, doing the last, and seventh exercise, the tremors moved to pretty much my whole body, including the neck, shoulders, legs, waist. I guess my hands and feet were the only things that stayed still. Sometimes the tremors felt less like shakes and more like movements of the muscles, e.g. my shoulder would subtly 'bang' against the floor or my neck would move from side to side.

    It felt a little bit freaky, in fact, to have uncontrolled movements in my muscles which were not really shakes anymore. It is 7.50pm now, I was home alone, and had no music on or any other distractions.

    Now, after doing the exercises I feel a little spaced out and even slightly dizzy. But again I can breathe better. So my body must be doing good things and readjusting itself through these exercises. I think I need to go out for a walk to clear my head. I wonder if tiredness will hit me again, as it has for the couple of days before, or if that was just returning-to-work-after-holidays -tiredness.

    Below is a picture of exercise seven, which is the most powerful exercise. If you don't have much time, it is fine to just do this final exercise.

    You lie on the floor with the soles of your feet together, your knees bent and open at the hips. The you lift your bum off the floor for one minute. Next, you relax your bum down on the floor and stay in that position for one minute. Then, with your feet still in this 'butterfly-like' position you move your knees a little closer together and hold for two minutes, while your bum is still resting on the floor. Then you move your knees closer together again, and hold for another two minutes. Finally, you put the soles of your feet against the floor, knees still bent and pointing upwards. Then you stay in this position for up to 15 minutes (or less if you don't have time) and let the tremors come.

    [Update: In the beginning I was timing the minutes but then just started roughly holding each pose as I thought felt right, without timing. I only time the last 15 minutes of the exercise now, and 5 minutes for the 'horse stance' when I do it.]

Yoga and Trauma Release Exercises #Oakland #NamasteYoga

I use TRE (tension and trauma releasing exercises) to get the body to shake. Shaking is nature’s release valve for your body to get rid of trapped energy, stress, tension, and traumas. Shaking also puts your body into a healing mode. When the sympathetic nervous system (the fight or flight system) is turned on the brain releases certain chemicals and hormones into the body to give it the energy it needs to either fight or run like hell. When this system is turned on due to everyday stresses or extraordinary circumstances the body still is filled with this energy but when we don’t dissipate the energy with running or fighting it stays in the body and is very uncomfortable and toxic to our bodies. What these exercises do is to turn on a natural shaking mechanism in your brain and opens the release valve. What else does shaking do for you? When you are under stress or tension your body tightens. All negative emotions will cause your body to tighten. Shaking helps your body to let go and relax which then signals your brain to relax. It helps you feel better, sleep better and respond instead of react.