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  • 23rd November 2013, Day 27

    Long time since I did these last time. Somehow this kind of cyclical way of doing things feels natural and beneficial, however. As if the gap in the exercises would allow the body and spirit to adjust, process, and complete the work triggered by the exercises.

    I felt good, more clear and central after the trauma release exercises, as usual. I feel more calm. They don't wake you up as such as I felt a bit drowsy before and still feel that way. But they balance your energies, somehow, it seems. Also I get the same feeling where my surroundings seem a bit brighter, as I've got before from doing different (vibration-raising) things. I think this is my personal experience of vibrating at a little higher frequency than usual. (Your experience of this might be entirely different.)

    Tremors were similar to before, with some very 'fine', small but fast tremors appearing at the lower back and thighs.

    Tension Stress and Trauma Releases Exercises will help free you of chronic tension and stress. Many clients report immediate shifts as they practice TRE:

  • 9th February 2014

    Last day of trauma release exercises was quite typical, similar tremors as usual, quite powerful, but I could again feel the 'anxious, nervous energy' move to the top of my chest and arms first, before they started shaking. This was interesting.

    I went running this morning and afterwards as I was lying on the floor, the hand I hurt last week when I was trying to run for the train and fell over, started shaking. Then the tremors spread to my shoulders. This was another example of the tremors starting spontaneously, without doing the TRE exercises.

    I couldn't do two of the exercises today because I have had slight backache so I have to be careful with it. I left out the exercise where you lean forward, as well as the one where you prop your hands on the floor.

    I will continue with the exercises but recognise that the main reason I stopped doing them was because they took too much time. So from now on I will mostly just do the last 20-minute exercise on its own, or in combination with the 5 min 'horse stance' exercise. I won't write regular updates here but whenever I get new realizations/ progress, I will write an update.

    In conclusion, these exercises make me feel very good, and it does seem that they release stress and provoke some kind of reflective understanding of past problems weighing on the mind, to allow them to have less hold on the mind. The benefits seem to become clearer over time and also the tremors may not work in the beginning. I think 30-days is a good length of time to experiment with the exercises to understand their full power. The rest of the conclusions I have made from this experiment are sprinkled in the diary text.

    Neurogenic tremors - about six months after starting with the Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE).

    TRE helps the body release tension and trauma through activating it's natural shaking and trembling mechanisms. This restores balance and brings a combination of deep relaxation and alertness.

    Here is a fellow mammal releasing tension in a similar manner:

    And an interview with David Berceli, the originator of the exercises:

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