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These are the 3 best trap exercises you can perform and will hit your upper back from a variety of angles for overall size and strength gains.

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  • Nothing says you’ve entered full-on beast mode like a bit set of traps. They’re a clear indicator of strength and a weight training background, they help frame a , and perfectly, and quite frankly they look awesome. Here we’ll cover a few of the best trap exercises for mass and how to get the most out of your training.

    If you’re looking to build a stronger neck and bigger traps – The Gittleson Shoulder Shrug is one of the best Upper Trapezius exercises I’ve found for getting the job done!

  • The upright row is not for everybody. If you have any sort of shoulder issues, it is a good idea to avoid upright rows. If your shoulders are properly mobile and pain-free, the upright row is one of the best traps exercises, as well as a great exercise for your deltoid muscles.

    Dead lifts are not just for your legs. Since you’re using a heavier weight than most traps exercises, your traps work hard to hold the weight. All exercises in which you hold a weight will work your traps. Another good example is dumbbell squats, which are basically a dumbbell dead lift.

  • Face pulls are not only an awesome trap building exercise, but they also kill two birds with one stone by directly counteracting this imbalance to help prevent shoulder injuries.

Trapezius Strengthening Exercises Make the exercise harder by

Lots of guys are against wrist wraps/straps when doing trap exercises. I on the other hand, am a huge fan. As the weight gets heavier, I want to continue to work my traps and not worry about my grip. Usually as I get past the 315lb mark for shrugs, I’ll throw on my wraps so that I can focus on ONLY recruiting the trap muscles and not worry about my grip.