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Instructions and effects for the Shoulder Stretch with Towel exercise

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  • I've seen similar towel exercises on the 3Angels Broadcasting online network (Seventh Day Adventist) but I'm not always up at 6 am to catch it online and I've not been able to figure out how to get a particular episode on demand. But they had quite a few towel exercises for the arms, waist and legs that didn't involve sliding on a smooth floor surface.

    If you have weakness in your forearm, fingers, or hand, you can easily start working on improving your strength. Grab a towel, roll it up, and start doing the towel handgrip exercise to quickly and safely get back to normal handgrip function.

  • One simple exercise that your physical therapist may prescribe for you to do is the towel handgrip exercise. This exercise can help strengthen the muscles that help you grip and lift items. Here is how you do it.

    To strengthen the muscles in your foot, you can do the towel scrunch exercise. The first time you try this, you may want to find a smooth surface so that there is not a lot of resistance. Sit in a chair and stretch towel on the floor in front of you. Begin with your right foot and keep your heel touching the ground and off the towel. Now try picking up the towel with your toes. Using your toes, scrunch the towel towards you, getting it as far under your foot as possible without moving your heel then straighten and repeat three times before working with your left foot. At the end of each scrunch, hold the contraction your feel in the arch for just a second before releasing. Once this stretch becomes easier, you can make it more difficult by placing a book or hand weight on the opposite end of the towel from where you are pulling. This can be done at home, in the evening or even under your desk at work on a day when you may have a lot of foot pain.

  • In this video, fitness trainer Jerome Fisherman demonstrates a variety of towel-based exercises, including the side slide squat, towel abdominal slide, and one- and two-handed pushup slide. The other exercises require a pull up bar, but even neglecting them you get a pretty comprehensive workout with the four that do not. While the previous video focused on using the towel to create resistance, these sliding exercises force you to stabilize yourself on a slippery environment (which means you can't really do them on a carpeted floor). , and when you have to balance yourself these otherwise simple exercises become pretty hard. While the routine above is pretty great, you don't want to do the same thing every time you work out. Swapping in these towel sliding exercises here and there is a good way to break up the monotony and target additional muscle groups.

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The sitting rows towel exercise is probably the hardest one I teach in this post as it requires you to maintain your balance and to use both your legs and arms. You will need a big towel for this exercise.