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  • The respiratory exerciser Tri-Ball helps the patient to recover the normal respiration after a chest or abdominal surgery. It has incorporated a visible label which allows to fastly identifying the patient whom owns the

    Referring to FIGS. 1 and 2, there is illustrated a preferred embodiment of a respiratory exerciser 10 in accordance with the present invention. Preferably the exerciser is constructed of a molded plastic. The respiratory exerciser 10 includes a T-shaped rigid hollow body 20 with three openings 23, 25 and 30 located at each end of the hollow body 20. Within opening 25 is a circular partition 27 which separates opening 25 from an inner cavity of body 20. An aperture 26 penetrates the partition 27 and is radially offset from the center of the partition 27. Along the edge of opening 25 is a peripheral rim 22. Similarly, opening 23 includes a circular partition 29 which separates opening 23 from the inner cavity of body 20, and an aperture 21, which penetrates the partition 29 and is radially offset from the center of the partition 29. Along the edge of opening 23 is a peripheral rim 24.

  • FIG. 4 is a cross-section 3--3 from FIG. 2 illustrating an alternate embodiment of the inventive respiratory exerciser including a second flexible diaphragm.

    The improved respiratory exerciser of the present invention is characterized in that it is a small portable device in which exhalation resistance can be varied independently from inhalation resistance. One embodiment comprises a rigid hollow body with an opening for the user to breathe, a second opening to provide control of inhalation resistance, and a third opening to provide control of exhalation resistance. The second opening includes a partition, having an off-center aperture of predetermined diameter. Adjustability of inhalation resistance is achieved by the use of a cover which fits over the partition. The cover has a plurality of different size holes which can each be selectively positioned into and out of alignment with the aperture in the partition. Thus, when the user breathes through the first opening air will only pass through the second opening by way of the particular hole in the cover which aligns with the aperture in the partition. Resistance can be increased by aligning a smaller hole in the cover with the aperture in the partition and can be decreased by aligning a larger hole in the cover with the aperture in the partition.

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Lung exercising devices, or respiratory exercisers, have been developed heretofore both for medical use as noted above and non-medical use such as improving breath control for singing or playing a musical instrument. Devices of this type have also been devised purely for amusement. In the great majority of the respiratory exercisers of the prior art, the user exhales or blows into the device rather than inhaling through it as in the present invention. In fact the only prior inhalation device known to the applicant is disclosed in U.S. Pat. No. 393,869, issued Dec. 4, 1888 to C. E. Warren.