Tendon Gliding Exercises to help with carpal tunnel.

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Clinically Fit Inc. XTENSORBLUE Blue Xtensor Hand Exerciser

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  • Using the Xtensor Hand Exerciser helps prevents the imbalance between the flexor muscles used in gripping and the extensor muscles used to open the hand. Stress issues in the hands and wrists are common to anyone who performs tasks with the hand in a mostly closed position. The Xtensor Hand Exerciser helps correct imbalance by conditioning the muscles and tendons in the hands by applying the necessary resistance upon opening and closing your grip.

    Muscle is the largest type of tissue in your body, and is extremely malleable because it responds to the type, duration and intensity of exercise that you perform. Frequently exercised muscle tissue is in a constant state of remodeling, leading to increases in endurance, strength, flexibility and power.

  • At low intensities, fatty acids are the main fuel source and only small amounts of glycogen are broken down. As the intensity of exercise increases, larger amounts of glycogen are broken down and burned for energy, making glucose the predominant fuel source.

    In addition to that, collard greens reduce the amount of cortisol, the stress hormone in your body after a period of intense exercise. They also eliminate free radicals in the body which normally slow the process of healing.

  • Tendon gliding exercises glide tendons gently through the carpal tunnel to minimise microscopic adhesions, reduce congestion and improve lubrication in the tendons.

Rachel Rohde-Tendon Gliding Exercises

Due to the non-inflammatory nature, tendinosis is unlikely to respond to (NSAIDs) or cortisone injections. In fact, they may actually be detrimental and delay healing in tendinosis suffers. These require special tendon strengthening exercises that your physiotherapist will advise.