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The Best Swimming Pool Exercises to Tone Your Body

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  • Swimming does exercise almost the entire body - heart, lungs, and muscles - with very little joint strain. , just not the best way to drop excess pounds. To you must use more calories than you eat through a combination of controlling your food intake and/or increasing your exercise routine - like doing more swimming.

    Great post!! I’m not a huge fan of swimming for exercise, but there was one month where I swam once a week, and I felt GREAT! And starving afterwards 😛

  • With all of the exercises that are out there for you to include in your routine, it is a good idea to include as many as possible. Swimming exercise is just healthy for your body and can keep you coming back to the gym again and again. It is fun and many people find that swimming is much less damaging or hard on their joints.

    Swimming exercise can also be a part of a varied exercise routine. It is sometimes beneficial to include a number of different exercise types in their routine to avoid boredom. Swimming is a good choice for a few times a week along with weight training, aerobics, running, bike riding and many other activities. Varying your exercise routine is a great way to make exercise fun and something to look forward to every day.

  • The local YMCA is a good resource that usually has an indoor pool for members to use for their swimming exercise. The pools are generally Olympic size and will allow you to get a good workout swimming laps. Using various swimming strokes can allow you to focus on particular muscles in your body. There are some swimming strokes that will use every muscle and these are some of the most intense workouts that you will ever have. While it may seem as though swimming is a much less strenuous sport, it really is one of the most all encompassing workouts that you could use.

Pilates Moves - Swimming Exercise

You might also break the exercise down so that you’re raising one leg at a time, and then do the exact same with the arms as a preparation to the total swimming exercise.