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  • Theracycle Solution: Theracycle’s step through area is ergonomically-designed making it easy for stroke patients to mount and dismount from a wheelchair or walker. With additional support handles, custom foot pedals and incredibly stable frame providing the support you need, the Theracycle provides the best stroke exercise equipment available.

    For most stroke survivors, rehabilitation starts at a hospital or rehab facility and includes a variety of sessions and exercises dedicated to regaining independence and movement. Studies have shown that regular not only improves mobility and overall well-being, but its impact on lifestyle can also reduce the risk of a future stroke. Physical therapists recommend the motorized Theracycle stroke exercise equipment because it allows safe and effective stroke treatment to continue at home.

  • Strengthening or Resistance Training– Stroke rehab exercises often consists of strengthening activities that involve moving a body part against resistance. This type of exercise will gradually and progressively overload the muscles so that they will get stronger. There are many types of strengthening exercise equipment including bands, dumbbells, tubing, putty, and exercise machines. Click for examples of arm strengthening exercises.

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