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It’s good to do each stretching exercise 3 to 5 times during each session.

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  • The 40+ stretch exercises found on this website are organized by the body region each targets the most (upper body and lower body). Each stretch exercise is presented using a detailed illustration as well as comprehensive instructions.

    To review the stretch exercises proposed simply click on any body region on the menu to the left of this text.

    The advantages to using stretch exercises are plentiful.

    Muscle Tension
    Using stretch exercises is a great way to ease muscle pains and tensions.

    Lower the Risk of Injury
    Stretch exercises have been proven to reduce the risk of injury by loosening and adding flexibility to your muscles.

    Maintain or Increase Flexibility
    Performing stretch exercises will make sure you don't lose flexibility or range of motion, which are essential in achieving day to day tasks or fitness exercises.

  • There are a few tips that you should consider when engaging in stretching exercises.

    Hold Stretch Exercises for 10 Seconds
    One of the common mistakes people do when performing stretch exercises is that they rush through them. As a result, they don't get the full benefits of stretching. In order to do it right, you should hold your stretch exercises for at least 10 seconds before letting go. Do note however that you should never hold a stretch exercise that causes pain or is uncomfortable.

    Don't Overstretch
    Another mistake people do when doing stretch exercises is that they tend to overstretch, that is they stretch past the point where stretching stops being useful.

    No Abrupt Movements
    Finally, you should be mindful that you never do sudden movements when stretching, since you're vulnerable to injury then.

    There is considerable debate taking place as to when one should perform stretch exercises.

    Some maintain that you should do stretch exercises before working out while others say you should perform them afterwards.

    In all cases, it's good practice to warm up a little before moving on to stretch exercises. This will ensure that your muscles are a bit warmed up before subjecting them to stretching.

    But simply put, you should do stretch exercises whenever you have time, whether it be in the morning upon waking up or at the office while taking a break.

  • This will help our movement throughout the exercises better. This will help the muscle group to go through the full movement pattern and develop better. It will also help you to reach the maximum benefits of all the exercise, which you will perform within the days. Therefore, it would help you to burn more calories than people who do not stretch before exercise. It also makes you become more flexible and preventing us from losing, our exercise range of motion as time goes by.

This back stretch exercise targets the lower back muscles.

Nowadays, we have become so absorbed in various forms of technology, taking out time for simple exercises like stretching has become like a pain in itself. Stretching is a natural & instinctive act done while waking up from sleep or after being in a similar position for a long time like while sitting in front of television or computer. Stretching is a form of physical exercise which ends up elongating several muscles of your body increasing its elasticity; thus, making your body more flexible. Why do you think stretching is given so much importance & practiced by dancers, athletes, celebrities etc. as a part of their training session? If you see behind the scenes of any dance show, you will notice the choreographers warm up all the dancers by making them do various stretching exercises to improve the flexibility of these dancers.