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Roylco R62013 Stepping Stones - Exercise Balance Kit for Children

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  • Step climbing is a type of aerobic stepper exercise that of course helps train your muscles boosting your basal metabolism helping you burn more fat.

    An easy stepping exercise that builds muscle and burns fat; find lower body exercises to develop tighter legs, glutes, and toned muscle in this free video.

  • There is no shortage of women who worry about their butt sagging, lower abdomen dropping, and other the effects of old age sinking in starting to make an appearance at the surface. What would you do if all it took was a few minutes a day doing stepper exercise?

    Although you may already be set out to slim down your legs step exercising away, what may not have come to mind is that depending on how you step there lies a chance that your legs don't get thinner and possible grow bigger. How you do stepper exercise may attain the reverse effect if not careful.

  • Just published in the , conducted by Dr Phu Hoang and his colleagues and , this study showed promising results with a stepping exercise directly targeting critical balance issues that contribute to falls risk for people with MS.

Video: Step-up exercise - Mayo Clinic

When beginning the stepping exercises, we recommend keeping your chair nearby for support. Be sure your step is sturdy and will not slip. Adjust the step to the lowest level in the beginning; as you get stronger, you can raise the height.