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Sunny Health & Fitness Twister Stepper

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  • A stair climber, otherwise known as a stair stepper, is an exercise machine that simulates the motions used when climbing stairs. The main purpose of these machines is to provide a cardiovascular workout as well as to help you tone and strengthen your lower body. Most stair steppers offer multiple levels of resistance and varying rates of speed, enabling users at any fitness level to get a quality workout. A few stepper models exercise the arms and upper body as well. There are two basic types of stair steppers -- basic steppers and hybrids.

    Step climbing is a type of aerobic stepper exercise that of course helps train your muscles boosting your basal metabolism helping you burn more fat.

  • Another way to go is to combine step exercise with aerobic therapy or skin care treatments. Just because you are stepping it up, doesn't mean you have to refrain from other activities such as wearing a beauty mask or having a healthy snack.

    Jump for joy! There is more to step exercising what it does for your legs. Combining step exercise with upper body training movements, step climbing can be turned into a full body workout.

    Type of bikeChina factory wholesale unicycle exercise bike
    Best systemBelt transmitt system
    Fitness spin bike colorYellow/blue/red/white+black
    DesignSaddle handlebar adjustable vertically&horizontally;
    Good packageCarton
    Assembly size1150x550x1100mm
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  • There is no shortage of women who worry about their butt sagging, lower abdomen dropping, and other the effects of old age sinking in starting to make an appearance at the surface. What would you do if all it took was a few minutes a day doing stepper exercise?

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The only stepper exercise you need for a better butt comes packed small fitting in any space leftover in your living space.
Home step climbing with a mini stepper.