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Exercising is important to overall health. Learn how to do step exercises in this free fitness video clip.

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  • The DMI Mini Stepper Exerciser is an ideal device for toning the waist, calves, hips and thighs while burning calories. Its compact design makes it great for the home, office, or travel. The exerciser features a unique adjustable resistance system for low impact exercise, while the dual-hydraulic cylinders work independently, replicating stair climbing.

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  • Step-by-step yoga exercises, such as this sequence of Arta Chandrasana, Warrior One, Half Moon Pose and Standing Split, proceed in an unbroken...

    Lateral stepping exercises can build strength and control in the feet and ankles. Learn how to do lateral, or side-to-side, stepping exercises...

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  • Perform the hamstring curl step exercise next. Place the right foot onto the step and lift yourself up onto the platform. Instead of stepping with the left foot, bend at the knee and touch your buns with your foot. Return the foot to the platform beside the right foot and step down. Repeat, stepping with the left foot and curling the right leg. Perform 2 sets of 10 repetitions.

Brenda DyGraf X-Step Exercise System with 8-Workout DVD

Start your journey towards health with a step aerobics exercise video. Of course, when you do an online search for step aerobics exercise videos you will find a sleuth of websites all touting their individual benefits.