Quad and Glute Workout - Weighted Step Up Exercise

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  • Start your journey towards health with a step aerobics exercise video. Of course, when you do an online search for step aerobics exercise videos you will find a sleuth of websites all touting their individual benefits.

    Head to the gym with confidence, knowing that you can follow our example videos, step-by-step instructional exercise guides, and workout plans to stay safe and get results.

  • These four-step exercise machines are used in commercial fitness facilities such as health clubs, hotels, apartment complexes, rehabilitation centers, schools, and municipal facilities.

    Another bonus to the weighted step up exercise is that it strengthens each leg individually, rather than as a unit. This helps ensure that you are building strength equally on each side, and not favoring one leg over the other. Because you are stepping up with one leg at a time, this exercises also improves balance, stabilization, and because you are required to control the weight as you move both up and down, and forward and backward.

  • The only stepper exercise you need for a better butt comes packed small fitting in any space leftover in your living space.
    Home step climbing with a mini stepper.

Burning Fat with Step Aerobics / Fitness / Exercises

In this healthy Slism, we will introduce the benefits of stepper exercise and step climbing to slim down your figure helping you get a better butt as well as strengthen pelvic area muscles important to your health.