7 Stair Exercises That Will Help You Get Fit Fast

15 Easy Stair Exercises For A Toned And Healthy Body

7 Stair Exercises That Will Help You Get Fit Fast

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  • Great tips on using stair exercises to improve strength, power, flexibility, conditioning. I also like to do single leg jumps, here's how to do it-- Step 1: Start at the bottom of a set of stairs and stand on one leg. Step 2: Jump onto the first step and land on the same leg as you jumped from. Step 3: Jump the desired amount of stairs and then change legs and complete the same steps.

    Stairs provide an unusual but effective opportunity for exercise. Athletes and sportsmen often use stadium stairs for workouts. New York-based certified personal trainer and physical education teacher Virgil Aponte notes in "Ultimate Stair Exercises for Fitness & Weight Loss" that stair workouts are also effective for general conditioning and weight management. You can perform stair exercises using stairs to help develop your fitness and to control your weight.

  • If you're looking to add variety and a new challenge to your exercise routine, introduce yourself to stair exercise. Stair exercise allows you to strengthen your lower body, while improving your health, weight and fitness level. If you have a staircase, you don't even have to leave the house to get a good workout. Also, you don't have spend a lot of time exercising, because even climbing stairs for for short durations throughout the day has benefits.

    3. Stairs Exercises
    To add more variety to the exercise routine, unconventional use of the stairs can prove to be an effective training method. Stairs climbing is an ideal cardio exercise that fully utilizes the whole body. The intensity of this training can be modified as well. Individuals can sprint up flights of stairs with short rest in between landings or climb at a uniform speed to train endurance.

  • Consult your physician prior to committing to any form of exercise program. The light to moderate intensity of stair climbing can cause stress on the joints in the lower back and legs, advises Pierce. When climbing stairs, place your foot fully on each step and lean slightly forward to lower the stress placed on your back, hips and knees. Do not hunch your back or use the hand-railings for support or you will decrease your exercise intensity and place stress on your back. If, at anytime, you feel faint, dizzy, short of breath or nauseous while doing stair exercise, stop immediately.

to climb stairs - The ultimate collection of stair climbing exercises

This exercise is called tap the curb and we are going to utilize our stairs that we have in our houses or your front porch, anywhere you can find stairs, you can do this exercise. This is a great cardio exercise so really pick up the pace here, elevate that heart rate, break a sweat, let's go. Basically start off with low impact and you are just tapping the step. Now when you are tapping the step you want to make sure that you've got your shoulders back, abs in, always think about your posture. Now when you feel comfortable with this you can do this as a warm up. You can start to really work it. You'll really start to feel your heart rate come up, your breathing increases, make sure you breath in through your nose and out through your mouth and you can perform this exercise for about a minute added to your other cardio stair exercises and you are going to really feel that burn in your entire body and that is tap the curb.