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Emma Burnett, BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science student

Sports and Exercise Nutrition

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  • The MSc in Sport and Exercise Science is a 12 month, full time Programme or can be undertaken part time over 24 months. The programme is made up of two compulsory course and three options courses totalling 120 credits plus a Dissertation/Project of 60 credits in order to fulfil the requirements of Masters Degree. The compulsory courses and options courses are delivered during Semesters 1 and 2 and the Dissertation/Project work is carried out over the summer months.

    You will find course descriptions for all graduate courses in Sport and Exercise Sciences listed below. To determine which courses you are required to complete and which are recommended for your program, see your major of study curriculum page. All Sport and Exercise Science courses carry the prefix SES.

  • In Swansea Sport and Exercise Science is unique in the UK, residing within a College of Engineeringthat provides a well resourced, research-driven, environment. A-STEM staff conduct distinctive, cutting-edge research that is multidisciplinary with research focusing on Elite and Professional Sport and Exercise Medicine and Health.

    The Applied Sports Technology Exercise and Medicine (A-STEM) Research Centre is situated in state of the art facilities at the new Swansea University £40 million Bay Campus development.

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    The breadth of options available enables students to specialise in topics related to either Physical Activity and Health or Sport and Performance. The programme is suitable for those with an undergraduate degree in, or related to, the sport and exercise sciences; individuals working in or with a background in medial or health related areas or those with a degree in biological science wishing to specialise in the field of physical activity, sport and exercise.

Sport and Exercise Psychology Minor

There are two faculty in the Sport and Exercise Psychology program, with numerous other support faculty within the school, college and university.