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  • With the exception of the full Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius, individually guided retreats do not follow a fixed programme of meditations. Your personal retreat guide seeks to help you locate the areas it could be most fruitful to pray with and ponder over. In this way you make your own personal retreat with its own focus and dynamic, following the promptings of the Holy Spirit.

    This book is an adaptation of the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius Loyola, to help you to embark on a life-transforming journey toward Christlikeness. For nearly 500 years, the Exercises have been a tool for spiritual formation. During those years their popularity has ebbed and flowed, but they are now experiencing something of a revival across the breadth of the Church.

  • These careful notes were the beginnings of what became perhaps his most lasting contribution to the Church: the small handbook The Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius which explains his method of leading people through an organised programme of prayer and reflection. St Ignatius gave the exercises to his first companion St Pierre Favre SJ. Together they developed this method of prayer by reflecting on their own experiences of God and by talking about them with others. St Pierre Favre gave the exercises to many hundreds of people of all walks of life. They in turn passed on the practice of sharing the exercise with others with the help of St Ignatius’ little book which has been re-printed and translated through many millions of copies over 460 years.

    Phase II of the ISI program is an experience of the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius in everyday life. Retreatants pray daily and meet weekly with a retreat director over a nine to ten month period. Applications required.

Those meditations eventually became the Spiritual Exercises of St