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The 6 Best Thoracic Spine Mobility Exercises ..

Exercise Ball with Foot Pump (GYM QUALITY FITNESS BALL) - 2000lbs Anti-burst - Also Known as: Fitness Ball - Yoga Ball - Swiss Ball - Multiple Colors and Sizes - (Black, 85cm)

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  • I just love the heel lift and spine strengthening exercises. They don’t take up much time so with my busy schedule I always find time to do them.

    Vivian, Thank you for the spine strengthner exercise. I’ve been doing it along with other stretching and light impact exercises. I feel great and I hope it will help strengthen my lower spine. I will keep you posted once I pass a bone density test.
    Thank you for your loyal support.

  • Thanks so very much for spine exercises and also the hip. I had my annual check=up recently and my results had come up just a small fracture, so I was very please to go know that I was not increasingly getting worse. I was not sure at times if I was eating the right percentages of the right foods. Enough of all that, just that I am so pleased.

    So this is the Spine Strengthener exercise. I recommend you do it at least three times a week. I do it three times a week and I really feel great afterward. And if you follow the Save Our Bones program along with this exercise, you’re really on the right track for strong and healthy bones naturally. So I hope you enjoyed the exercise. I’m happy you watched it, and hope to see you soon.

  • These lumbar spine stabilization exercises are some of the most effective you can perform to strengthen your core stability muscles and reduce and/or prevent low back pain.

Low Back Pain Exercise Guide This ..

Thanks for demonstrating this spine exercise. I know something similar, and always look for variations. Was told that changing the variety is important for the bone-growth.