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Speed reading exercises

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    The second level of speed reading eye exercises. By focusing on the image as it moves around the screen, you're building up the muscular structure surrounding your eyes, which makes it much easier for you to move your eyes across the page when speed reading.

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  • Speed reading exercises have been most valuable to students, teachers and even top executives in improving comprehension. Unfortunately, not everyone is privy to these techniques.

    Speed reading exercises are not only meant to teach you how to read swiftly, but to get better than that too. They say, practice makes you perfect, and trust me, it does. Reading everyday, increasing your vocabulary, and your concentration are the three main factors of speed reading. Reading newspapers, every billboard, every traffic sign, journals, magazines, books, and just constant reading will help you attain an efficient reading speed. The best way of improving reading speed is to use a pointer to read quickly.

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    It is very easy to get started with some simple speed reading exercises. Most people read about as fast as they did when they started high school. All that has happened since then is that their vocabulary has increased.

[Part 2] Speed Read Reading Exercises - Techniques Tutorial

3. Immediate results exercise
Did you know the easiest among speed reading exercises? It’s called simply reading faster. Try not to understand what you’re reading, as counter intuitive as it may sound it is a great way to begin immediately to absorb larger quantities of information in a short amount of time.