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101 Exercises for the Soul: Simple Practices for a Healthy Body, Mind, and Spirit

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  • There have been times in the history of our nation when soul exercise was the great concern of many people. It was especially so in times of revival when there was a deep awareness of God’s presence in a community. Jonathan Edwards describing the awakening in New England in 1735 said: ‘a great and earnest concern about the great things of religion and the eternal world, became universal in all parts of the town and among persons of all degrees and all ages’ .(Works, Vol 1 Banner, 1974, p348). People were in agony of soul and cries and groans were heard throughout the community. The salvation of the soul took precedence over everything else. Spiritual and eternal things become overwhelmingly real.

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  • How different this is from the testimony of Scripture and the accounts we have of personal experiences recorded in the diaries and biographies of Christians. It is there that we come across true soul exercise manifesting itself in the ongoing Christian life. Let us consider some of the areas in which it manifests itself

    Soul breathing exercises are useful tools for transforming stuck belief structures in the soul. The first set (Spirit Biography) addresses issues in your past that have served to form beliefs in the present. These forces in your life constitute your spirit biography. They are impulses only dimly sensed by you but that form an energetic…

  • This is where soul exercise begins. When a sinner has his eyes opened to behold the glory and holiness of God, there is a dawning awareness of the sinfulness of sin and of the threatened judgment against it. He sees himself in a lost condition and is constrained to cry:: What must I do to be saved? Like Christian in The Pilgrim’s Progress, with the burden on his back, he hears the call: ‘Escape from the wrath to come.’ At first he may do many things – increase prayer, attend church and mend his ways. The burden only increases and he is humbled to the dust and emptied of self. He is brought to despair of help in himself and casts himself down at the Cross of Christ. The burden falls off. Not all come through the same depths but there must be sufficient conviction of sin and helplessness to bring a person to rely on Christ alone for salvation. ‘The kingdom of heaven suffereth violence and the violent take it by force.’ (Matt 11.12)

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Without soul exercise there is no evidence of life in the soul. The degree of that exercise can vary according to the grace given to each one. Professor John Murray said of his father, Alexander Murray: ‘He did not witness a greater intensity of spiritual exercise of soul in any other person and his very body moved in sympathy with the inner man’ (Collected Writings of John Murray, Vol 3, Banner, 1982, p 82). Such intensity was noted in Murray himself, particularly in his singing of the metrical Psalms. The 90 year old Alexander Murray, spent the last two days of his life on earth meditating on Psalm 51 (as above, p 82). The Psalms provide such a field for soul exercise, because they express the full range of human emotions. They are, as John Calvin declared, ‘an anatomy of all parts of the soul’.