Slider exercises have many benefits.

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Core Sliders - Set of 2 Exercise Sliding Discs - Great for Crossfit, Cross Training, Abdominal Workout Routines - Dual Sided Design Works on Carpet or Hard Floors - Silver

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  • Furniture sliders can be used for challenging workouts, not just for sliding furniture around the floor. In fact, slider exercises are some of the best core training moves you can do.

    The Joinfit Core Sliders make exercise seem easier without sacrificing intensity, while making your muscles work harder. The sliding motion transforms traditional lunges, leg curls, and mountain climbers by allowing fluid, stress free movement. If your workout space is carpeted, use the the Joinfit Core Sliders without the booties; if you work out on hardwood, tile, or other non-carpeted surfaces, use with the Joinfit Core Slider Booties. Package includes two slides, two booties and mesh carrying bag.

  • Practicality: With sliders, you can work out at home when you don't have time to go to the gym, lack access to it or simply don't feel like waiting in line for equipment. You can also train while traveling, no matter what hotel you're staying in. With furniture slider exercises, you don't need to buy barbells or dumbbells, which would take valuable space in your home and be close to impossible to carry on the road.

    As you progress with your wall slide exercise, you should find it easier to get up from a chair, climib or descend stairs, or simply walk. your quad muscles are responsible for so much function in the lower extremities, and the wall slide exercise is a very functional exercise.

  • Wall slides are an effective way to strengthen your , more commonly referred to as "the quads." Those are the big muscles on the front of your thighs that help straighten your knees. They are very active when climibing stairs and when rising from a seated position. The wall slide exercise also works the and your calf muscles. This exercise is a closed chain exercise; your feet remain in contact with the ground the entire time.

Furniture Slider Exercises: Alligator Crawl Combos

Nerve slide exercises work by moving the limb from a position where the nerve is on a short path to a position where the nerve is on a long path. Nerve slides are simple, easy exercises which should be executed slowly with precision through a pain-free range of motion.