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Obsidian Slide Board - 6' Foot Slide Board with Reinforced End Stops for High Intensity and low Impact Exercise

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  • Improving lateral movement is beneficial for athletes who use side-to-side motion in sports such as tennis, hockey and soccer. The slide exercise is efficient as it uses most of the muscles of the lower body. The push off the bumper uses the hip extensors, which are the glutes, the knee extensors located on the front of the thighs, and the calves. The hamstrings, on the backs of the upper thighs, remain in a tightened state throughout the slide. The inner and outer thighs also contract during the activity. The posture muscles of the abdominals and back remain tightened to support the body in a forward-leaning position. Not only is the slide a helpful tool for improving sports performance, athletes or others who develop anterior cruciate ligament injuries of the knee will find the slide an effective tool for knee rehabilitation as shown in the "Journal of Athletic Training."

    One of the drawbacks of slide exercises is the equipment requirement. Slide boards are not easily found at your local sporting goods store. Exercise slide boards may be purchased used from online retailers. If you purchase a used board, consider purchasing new booties for your safety. Another place to find a board is through an exercise equipment company. These expensive boards are high quality to be used with athletes, or in a gym setting. The gym is a great place to try a board before you purchase one for use at home. If you continue to struggle to find a board, you have the option of making one from laminated wood and two by fours. Once you have a board, not only is it useful for cardiovascular exercise, but strength-training exercises such as squats and pushups have a distinct feel on the slippery surface.

  • Always begin the Roller Slide exercise by rolling in the direction of the arrow, pushing away from your body. Rolling the Roller Slide backwards first will damage the mechanism and void the warranty.

    There are three phases of slide board exercise. The exercise begins with a push off from one of the bumpers. The glide across the board is the second phase, and the contact with the opposite bumper is the third stage. Beginners usually perform the slide in an upright position. Seasoned sliders can use an athletic ready position, which involves flexion at the waist and at the knees. This position involves increased activation of the hamstring and gluteal muscles.


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    The Web-Slide Exercise Rail System is great for regular users of everyday exercise equipment such as tubing, bands, and pulleys — devices that provide resistance, stretching and range of motion. The Deluxe Assortment includes everything needed — fixtures, exercise equipment, and instructional materials — to quickly and effectively train and monitor those in need of rehab and fitness exercise programs.

Slider Exercise Tutorial Ross Enamait

Utilize nerve slide exercises along with chiropractic care, stretching, massage and yoga to treat TOS. Combine these treatments with proper work station ergonomics, frequent breaks from static positions, proper nutrition and intelligent supplementation strategies to prevent and lessen scar tissue encasement. Implement nerve slide exercises to eliminate the source and alleviate the symptoms of thoracic outlet syndrome.