EZ-Bar Skullcrusher Exercise Guide and Video

Decline Close-Grip Bench To Skull Crusher Exercise Guide and Video

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  • The skull crusher exercise gets it’s less than favorable name from the fact that you will be lowering weight towards your head during this routine. Many people first learn about this exercise after hearing the name because it’s a name that really grabs that attention of any reader.

    The dumbbell skull crusher exercise, also known more benignly as the triceps extension, is a triceps isolation activity. The scary-sounding name is a reminder of what can happen if you do the exercise improperly and drop a dumbbell. Done correctly, however, the exercise can help you build bigger arms and prevent muscle imbalances if you’ve been performing curls or other biceps exercises.

  • The skull crusher exercise is actually quite an interesting way to build muscle because it actually works in the reverse order of most other workout routines. Instead of lifting up the weights over your head, you will actually be lowering them down after they are placed into your extended arms. Like many other exercises that work the triceps, your elbow movement will be key to correct execution of this exercise.

    This exercise is one that can be done with many types of equipment. That includes such things as dumbbells, barbell, Ez-bar and even the cable machine. Each may provide a better advantage for your triceps workout, but it really depends on the person doing the exercise. You also can do this exercise in varying bench levels (incline, decline and flat bench). Basically each week of the month you can perform two different skull crusher exercises.

    How To Perform Exercise Targeted Muscle Group
    The EZ bar decline close grip skull crusher exercise combines the close grip bench press with tricep extension to target the tricep muscle and build bigger arms.

    Steps :

    1.) Start off lying with your back on a flat bench and gripping a barbell with a close grip, about 8-12 inches apart.

    3.) Keeping your arms close to your sides lower the bar so it touches your chest.

    4.) Slowly return to starting position, concentrating on your triceps.

    5.) At the top of the exercise bend your arms down towards your head.

    6.) Raise the bar back up over your chest and repeat.

  • The skull crusher exercise mainly targets your triceps with and traps as well. This exercise can be called lying with incline, decline, etc. added on the front. But that is a mouthful to say and it’s just so much easier to simply say skull crusher.

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The skull crusher exercise is considered one of the top three triceps exercises to do. They are a perfect choice for isolating just the triceps through elbow extension movements that can be performed on a flat or inclined bench. Using dumbbells are considered one of the better options to straight bars to minimize elbow injury.