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How To Do Skater Slides Exercise - 30 Day Fitness Challenges

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  • The Speed Skating workout program is beneficial for short track speed skating, which is usually performed indoors on ice rinks. The program consists exclusively of dry land training for speed skaters using exercises that meet the variety of needs of these athletes.
    The first of the four workouts uses all Pilates exercises. The workout includes six exercises to improve core strength and balance. Each speed skater exercise is done in three sets of 12 to 30. The higher repetitions are ideal for core training and toning.
    The second workout is a speed skating weight training routine for the chest, back, shoulders and arms. The bulk of the exercises use a repetition range of three to 10, which change each week.

    The skaters exercise works your lower body and obliques while also acting as a burst of cardio between strength-training moves. Perform the skaters as quickly as you can with good form, moving as though you were a speed skater in the Winter Games.

  • Make a and follow it. Your plan will help you add and organize your extra workout activities each week. You will be more motivated to skate and exercise, if you have a plan that shows how much skating time and other activities you will need to do maintain your current weight weight or to burn those extra calories you want to lose.

    You perform each speed skaters exercise between eight and 12 times. The reps change each week to stave off adaption. The moderate repetition range builds muscle size, but limiting the workout to only two to three sets prevents you from bulking up and thus slowing down.
    Training for speed skating must increase not only strength but explosive power. You are not carrying or throwing heavy objects; you must be able to move your body quickly and activate your muscles together as a unit. The plyometric workout brings together the lower body, upper body and core strength and translates it into improved athletic performance.

  • DISCONTINUED. (Verified 10/2008) RETAINED IN DATABASE FOR REFERENCE. The Rolyan Hand Based Skateboard is an exercise skate for patients with mild spasticity or patients with other indications that skateboard exercise may be beneficial.

CANADIAN HOCKEY Speed Skater Exercise

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