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  • For our purposes in this article, though, we will focus on the deltoids and the trapezius, which are the visible shoulder muscles most people like focus on during shoulder exercises.

    Since the anterior and posterior portions of the deltoid are effectively targeted by other upper body exercises, the lateral deltoid needs to be your priority when you do a . Many of the best shoulder exercises we will go over directly work the lateral deltoids.

  • For more information on the trapezius, including anatomy details and the best , check out our page. The article you’re reading now is more dedicated to the deltoids, however, some of the best shoulder exercises for women also activate the upper traps, and I will be sure to tell you which exercises do so in their descriptions.

    Since the shoulders tend to get a lot of work during chest workouts and back workouts, you will either want to do your shoulder exercise either on the same day as chest and/or back as part of a full upper body workout, or with 48 hours of rest between chest or back workouts if you are doing a . Don’t do a full-on shoulder workout the day after a chest or back workout, as you may be overloading your shoulders and increasing the risk of injury.

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  • During all shoulder exercises, it’s essential that you stabilize both your shoulders and your core to prevent injury. Failure to stabilize during shoulder exercises may subject your rotator cuffs and lower back to extreme forces, increasing your risk of injury. To protect the shoulders, keep your shoulder blades retracted, or pinched toward each other, never letting them round forward. Try to draw your shoulders back and down as if you were trying to tuck your shoulder blades into your back pockets. by engaging your core muscles; draw your navel in toward your spine with your deep abdominal muscles while contracting your lower back and as you lift and lower the weights.

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To learn more about how to structure your strength training workouts, including those in which you’ll do the best shoulder exercises for women, check out our . Must-reads include , , and . Especially if you’re new to strength training, start with .