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Smile & Sway - Workout By Dancing in Your Chair - Low Impact Exercise in Disguise

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    Choosing the right exercise equipment for your home is easy at Fitness Direct. Choose from anchor cables to shoulder stretchers to exercise cycles and even a resistance chair! Whatever you’re looking for in seated exercise equipment, Fitness Direct has you covered. We provide maximum value to our clients with the best equipment at the lowest prices online. Just browse below and find the right equipment for your home today!

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    This 10 minute chair workout for seniors is a perfect way to gain strength and be healthy. HASfit's seated exercise for seniors and chair exercises for the elderly requires no equipment. The seated workouts for seniors, chair exercise for seniors, and seated exercises for elderly can be done right from the comfort of your own home. Visit for the chair work out instructions, more videos, free meal plans, and other health tips. for the best free fitness for seniors and senior exercise routines for men and women at home or in gym.
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    Since you will quickly find that you are less Stabile during a standing exercise than a seated exercise, many find standing a more Functional form of exercise. You will find more Core activation during most standing exercises than the seated variation. This is good for increasing total muscular involvement, though there is some increase in risk, particularly to the lower back, due the increased ability to “Cheat.” CHEATING has been used as a viable technique to advanced athletes, but should be avoided by beginners. There is a wide assortment of variations described in detail in the IFPA “Book of Personal Training” you received with the . Please review the book and course for many ideas to improve and vary your programming. If you are ready, consider the advanced course: The IFPA Program Design Specialist Certification Course for even more sophisticated options to optimize your training.

  • Every time you make a change to your workout: exercises, FITT, Program Design, Work Interval or Rest Interval, variations in grip, stance, position, etc. is a new stimulus to your systems. The new stimulus will act as “Shock” as defined by Dr. Selye’s General Adaptation Principle(GAP). GAP has 3 Phases: Shock: when a new stimulus is added; (2) Adaptation: to the new stimulus; (3) Staleness: occurring 2-3 weeks after the new stimulus has occurred. To keep your body adapting, a new stimulus(Shock), must be added every 2-3 weeks. Therefore, to keep your body moving safely and effectively toward your fitness goals, you need to change your programming by following the Gradual Progressive Overload(GPO) Principle and healthy variations. Going from Seated Exercises to Standing Exercises is one of many effective variations you can employ.

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Got 12 minutes? Try this seated exercise routine to give your abs a good workout! It's a great fitness routine that you can do at your desk. Make time to take time for a healthy break!