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  • Take fitness to the next level by challenging not only your major muscle groups but also your intrinsic stabilizer muscles with sandbag training. The benefits of working with a sandbag is that it does not remain rigid and is constantly moving in reaction to your movements. The shifting of the sand causes your body to react differently engaging more muscle.

    Whether you are a beginner or elite athlete, sandbag exercises will challenge you and increase your power, strength, endurance and stability at a different level. The concept of adding the weight of a sandbag in a workout is an vital part of the Navy Seals training regimen as well as CrossFit workout paradigms.

    Other great sand exercises are the various forms of bounding and hopping. If you are jumping on sand at the beach even better as you can get out into the ocean to combine water based plyometrics with your sand work.

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    Sandbag Exercise Guide

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    STEXSimtropolis Exchange (gaming, Sim City)
    STEXSensor Technology Experiment
    STEXSand Table Exercise
    STEXStart of Execution

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