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Sauna Suit with Hood Medium - Lose Weight Fast - Use While Running or During Workout - Get Slimmed and Toned Faster Than Ever - Great Sweat Suit For Help With Weight Loss and Fat Burning

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  • The exercise suit had a large mackintosh hood, which could either be dropped down the back, and more or less unseen, or it could be pulled over the wearer's head, to cover the face in the front as well as the back. There was a flap at the bottom of the front which could be tucked in under the front and top of the zipped section. This would give a restricted breathing, but the wearer could have a rubber tube added to pull air in. He asked jane if he could try it on in the changing room, and she eagerly helped him to the door. he quickly undressed, and gently eased his trembling body into the rubber mackintosh exercise suit. It was quite loose, just how he liked it, and he got a tremendous kick pulling the mackintosh hood over his head and tucking in the bottom of the hood's front. He felt and heard the mackintosh material flap in and out as he breathed, and found it so very stimulating.

    They all chatted about rubber and mackintosh for an hour or so, and all the time, jane was getting more and more hyped up. But, clearly, Christine was enjoying herself, and talked about the history of the business. She explained that she had met so many rubber enthusiasts, but she had never been able to forget joe, and had always wished that he had liked mackintosh. And now he was with her, dressed in his rubber mackintosh exercise suit, which was sending both girls crazy with desire for him. Every time any of them moved, the sound of the crackling of the material was caressingly loud. Joe put his mackintoshed arm round Christine, and he felt the warm material, warmed by her beautiful body, smoothly rub over her skin. His caresses send little shivers down Christine's back, and she knew that she couldn't wait much longer for them all to go to the spare room that Jane had so happily prepared.

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