Pilates Rowing Action Exerciser w/DVD

ActionLine KY-64026 Pull-up Tummy Trimmer Rowing Action Exerciser

ActionLine KY-64026 Pull up Exerciser Tummy Trimmer Rowing Action Exerciser

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  • Approximately 60 incidents have been reported to CPSC and the firm, most of which involved a broken spring or a footbar assemble coming apart. Consumers have experienced bruises, cuts and lacerations to the face and other parts of the body when the handlebar or spring stuck the user. Incidents showed that the spring of the Rowing Action Exerciser, if extended too far to withstand the stress, could snap.

    Rowing Action Exercisers sold after August 1987 do not need retrofitting. They can be identified by metal brackets already attached to the top and bottom of the spring and a safety cord installed inside the spring. Earlier models had no brackets and a longer safety cord.

  • Consumers no longer using the older Rowing Action Exerciser or not wishing to repair the device should discard the exerciser so no one else may use it.

    WASHINGTON, D.C.--Dynamic Classics, Ltd. of New York City, in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), today announced a repair program for its spring exercisers called the "Rowing Action Exerciser." Early models of the exerciser were involved in injuries resulting mainly from the spring breaking or the footbar separating during use. Some two million exercisers of the earlier model were sold nationwide from 1984 to August 1987.


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  • XL100STORE Health & Beauty Exercisers Pilates Rowing Action Exerciser

    Pineapple Fitness Set- Twist Board, Dumbbells and Rowing Action Exerciser.

    Twist board; Put a new spin on your workout routine with reflexology! For maximum results, go barefoot: through the principles of reflexology, the magnets increase circulation as the massage points release tension from your feet and provide traction. Twist your way to better balance and a slimmer physique.

    Pilates rowing action exerciser; Rowing helps develop and strengthen your abs, back, thighs and buttocks, in a smooth, rhythmic, impact free motion.

    Dumbbells set 5lb (2.27kg), pair (2.5lb/1.13kg each); Exercising with weights improves core strength, function movement, overall muscle tone and flexibility. The weights will help obtain shape and definition in your upper body; arms, shoulders and back.

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Bally Total Fitness Pilates Rowing Action Exerciser - QVC

This rowing action exerciser is suitable for toning exercises helping to develop and strengthen abs, thighs, back and buttocks. This exerciser allows smooth, impact free motion as well as being lightweight and portable. This exerciser is ideal for aerobic conditioning and strength training.