What’s your favorite Battling Ropes Wave Exercise?

Today, I’m going to give you the lowdown on 15 different battle rope exercises you can do, along with a suggested workout.

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    Because of its design, the Battling Ropes also becomes my foam roller as well. I utilize the ropes in exercises and self-mobilization techniques much like how we use our normal foam rollers. They are especially effective for T-spine segmental mobilizations as well as glutes and TFL self-mobilizations.  They can also act as balance platforms when doing different exercises such as the front squat. These and other applications mentioned above are but a few examples of how I utilize the Battling Ropes in my physical therapy practice.

    This is a fun battle rope exercise. It mimics the movement a grappler makes when they toss someone over their hip. Grab the rope so the ends are sticking out from between your thumb and index fingers and hold the ends down by your right hip.  Pivot your torso to the left. During the pivot, flip the ropes over your hip as if you were throwing a grappling opponent to the ground. Pivot back and forth like this until time is up.

  • There are tons of pulse pounding, heavy rope exercises to ramp up your cardio and build your core strength. Common movements include waves, slams, throws, spirals, and whips. All involve swinging your arms up and down (or side to side) in some manner for timed intervals. To maximize your efforts, focus on maintaining the intensity of the motion from start to finish, no matter how much it burns – and trust us, it’s going to burn.

    There’s not much to battle rope exercises. You just hold a thick, long rope by the ends and move your arms up and down or in circles as fast as you can. In essence, you’re “battling” the ropes.

    The dual wave rope exercise in action.

  • In just twenty seconds of intense battle-roping, your heart rate will reach its peak and your arms will feel like battery acid is coursing through them. In short, you’ll feel great. I don’t know what it is, but battle rope exercises are incredibly satisfying. And effective: the intense anaerobic and aerobic conditioning that battle rope exercises provide has made them a staple in the training of professional athletes and mixed martial artists.

The dual wave rope exercise in action.

Now I’ll share my favorite rope exercise – the rope backstroke. As I’ve said before much of our training is geared to forwards motion, which leads to bad posture, which may lead to serious skeletal issues later. I grab the rope by the handles, cross my hands, slightly bend at the waist and explosively stand up while performing what looks like a backstroke with the rope. It’s like a kettlebell swing combined with rope shoulder / posture work and it burns! Whichever form of rope training you try, I suggest no more than four sets for up to a minute or 25 reps per round. Rope training is great for everybody – men and women alike. I even have my kids use them! Great exercise is great exercise. It knows no gender or age. So try it and see how you like it.